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Reverse Your Prospects in connectMLS™!

By:  Jessica Ruminski, Training Department Manager

One of the most under-utilized connectMLS™ features is reverse prospecting.  Many connectMLS™ users may think that if they use reverse prospecting other REALTORS®  will see their clients contact information, but this is not true.  You can only view the agent’s business card, not your client’s information. 

Reverse prospecting can be used in multiple ways that will make you look like an all-star Realtor®!  For example, create a draft listing of a potential seller’s property and then click on reverse prospecting.   A list of Realtors® that have set up searches for their buyers and have allowed reverse prospecting on those searches will appear.  These potential buyers have searches that match the features you indicated in your draft listing.  Use this information in your listing presentation to inform your potential sellers that you have already targeted potential buyers for their property.  Why wouldn’t they list with you?

For more ways to use reverse prospecting check out MRED’s online class connectMLS™-Listing Marketing Tools, sign up for a MRED computer lab day or call MRED to schedule a custom office training on reverse prospecting for 10 or more agents in your office!

AH HA Moments

By:  Jessica Ruminski, Training Department Manager

During MRED training classes we often see what we call “ah ha” moments when the students faces light up and they say “I didn’t know connectMLS™ could do that.”  We love these moments and often they happen over the simplest things.  So here are a couple “ah ha” moments that we see frequently. 

     –     Did you know in connectMLS™ you can open a second connectMLS™ page?  Just click on “New Workspace” in the upper right hand corner of your connectMLS™ screen.  You can continue working on your main connectMLS™ page while using the second to search for information, such as tax data!  

     –     Do you wish your search results displayed more than just 20 results on a page?  No problem!  Just click on the setup tab in connectMLS, then select search and report defaults.  Click on the drop-down arrow under the section titled “Number of properties displayed on a single page in 1-line summaries.”  You can select to have up to 40 properties display on your results page.  Be sure to click on save when you’re done so that your selection will be saved for the next search you do.

MRED Training Tips from the Trenches

By:  Jessica Ruminski, Training Department Manager

Often MRED will ask our trainers, who are also REALTORS® , to give tips and suggestions that they think all REALTORS® should know.  Here are a few great tips from MRED trainer Carrie Bey:

  • New Agents should take all the classes MRED offers. They are FREE!
  • Take advantage of MRED training during your slow months.
  • Add 60 minutes of training to your work week.  Sign up for an online class, watch a video or take a class.
  • Update your Setup tab in connectMLS™ every quarter.  MRED makes changes often so you want to make sure you are taking advantage of all the features.
  • Setup a buyer account for yourself in connectMLS™.  By doing this you are able to understand what your buyer sees in their version of the MLS.

Did you know MRED has a social media tool and a lead capture form?  You don’t need to be a social media expert to take advantage of MRED’s social media tool called the Share My Listings widget.  Sign up for a MRED computer lab day or watch MRED’s video to learn more.

Agent Training

By:  Jessica Ruminski, Training Department Manager

MRED’s Training Department was thrilled to see so many agents and brokers taking advantage of our free classes this month for the next generation of Realist®.  However, too often we see agents only taking classes for new products or when major updates to an old product occur.  MRED would love to see our more seasoned agents taking advantage of our training classes – whether hands-on, online, in-office, or through videos – on a continuing basis. 

When an agent or broker takes MRED training classes regularly, we are not surprised to find out that they learn new tips and tricks each time.  One agent remarked in feedback, after taking our connectMLS™ Listing Entry class, “Great information! I have played around with the site and thought I knew a lot, but now know how much I do not know!”  Another agent that has been in the business over eight years took our hands-on connectMLS™ CMA class and told us, “The trainer was very knowledgeable, and I learned some cool things about the system that I didn’t know.” 

Each MRED trainer brings their own unique spin to each topic, which means you are bound to learn something you did not know before taking the class.  Don’t know where to start?  Log on to and view our hands on or online training class descriptions or call us and we will direct you to a class that will fit your needs.  So, our challenge to you is to register for one of our free classes each month this year and find out what you don’t know!

What learning style works for you?

BY:  Ed Leighton, MRED Help Desk Analyst

People at the gym are a little baffled by my ability to hold a book and read it while working out on the elliptical machine.  How is it that I can maintain a steady enough hand to read while bouncing to the rhythmic pace of the machine?  And, since they are available, why not use audio books instead?

Part of the answer has to do with what I read.  I don’t just read for distraction, I read to learn.  Mostly I read history, but will occasionally slip in a user manual or two to brush up on products I support as a member of the Help Desk team at MRED.  The other part of the answer has to do with my preferred learning style being visual.  Just as my visual learning style baffles auditory learners, the reverse is true for me of them.  How can they possibly absorb the material by listening to it?  In my experience most of what I hear goes right out the other ear.  Not always, exclusively, but if comprehension is important I know better than to rely on auditory learning alone.

After reading a manual I usually get online and begin to reinforce what I read by engaging in kinesthetic learning: hands on.  I have deduced that the thousands of Help Desk calls I do not receive are from kinesthetic/tactile learners.  Their preferred method of learning is doing.  They don’t want to be shown what to do, or “waste time” reading about it, or be told what to do, they insist on doing it!

Following is a brief explanation of the three commonly recognized main learning styles obtained from Regis University’s web site:

  • Visual = Visual learners learn through seeing. With their primary perceptual preference being visual, they can typically recall what they have read or observed. They prefer to look at illustrations, or watch others doing something, rather than listening only.
  • Auditory = Auditory learners prefer to listen. They are usually able to memorize what they hear and tend to be very attentive when information is presented in this way. They search for meaning and interpretation in lectures or speeches by listening to tone of voice, pitch, speech, and other special signals. These learners need to be told what to do rather than having them read directions. (Brookhaven, 2011)
  • Kinesthetic/Tactile = Kinesthetic learners need to write things down. They like to incorporate their fine motor skills. They are the learners that like to take notes as they listen, and keep their hands busy. Kinesthetic learners need to use their bodies in the learning process. They need to do, not just watch or listen, to gain understanding.

In recognition of these learning styles MRED has developed a variety of learning tools to meet each of these preferred learning styles: Hands on classes, Webinars, Videos and User Manuals.  We assume the kinesthetic learners have not read this far, so if you meet them, tell them about this article.

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