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Reverse Your Prospects in connectMLS™!

By:  Jessica Ruminski, Training Department Manager

One of the most under-utilized connectMLS™ features is reverse prospecting.  Many connectMLS™ users may think that if they use reverse prospecting other REALTORS®  will see their clients contact information, but this is not true.  You can only view the agent’s business card, not your client’s information. 

Reverse prospecting can be used in multiple ways that will make you look like an all-star Realtor®!  For example, create a draft listing of a potential seller’s property and then click on reverse prospecting.   A list of Realtors® that have set up searches for their buyers and have allowed reverse prospecting on those searches will appear.  These potential buyers have searches that match the features you indicated in your draft listing.  Use this information in your listing presentation to inform your potential sellers that you have already targeted potential buyers for their property.  Why wouldn’t they list with you?

For more ways to use reverse prospecting check out MRED’s online class connectMLS™-Listing Marketing Tools, sign up for a MRED computer lab day or call MRED to schedule a custom office training on reverse prospecting for 10 or more agents in your office!

Technology Can Help Build Connections

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