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MRED users will prospect better, thanks to Remine

Remine Lifestyle

If you’re still taking the “spray and pray” approach to your lead generation efforts, stop. MRED now offers something way better.

Let’s face it: Mass marketing, shotgun marketing whatever title you give it, you can’t call it a reliable strategy. Even if you’re lucky enough to score a usable lead from a 3,000-postcard campaign or a day of door knocking, they still aren’t time- or cost-effective methods.

That’s why hyperlocal targeting has become the standard in real estate marketing. That’s why focusing your limited resources on pursuing better leads is the only way to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

That’s why it’s the perfect time for Remine.

MRED is thrilled to launch this predictive analytics tool, a product that sorts through billions of data points and uses that information to highlight consumers who are likely to buy and sell. That means you’ll be spending less time chasing leads and more time closing them. And now you have this unprecedented opportunity at your fingertips in connectMLS. MRED is providing its subscribers with access to Remine’s starter plan, with upgrades available if you want to take your prospecting to the next level with additional tracking, filters, and discounts on purchasing contact information.

Take a closer look…

Key features:

Ownership time: The majority of homeowners move every 7-12 years. Visualize this data on Remine’s interactive map to see where future housing inventory and buyers might be coming from.


Last sale price: See trends of how much homes have sold for in your target markets.

Sell score: Remine uses property data to predict the amount of time remaining before a listing is put on the market. This information is broken down in categories ranging from 0-6 months to more than 2 years.

Home equity: This filter is available in upgraded plans and allows you to see consumers who have enough equity in their home to put their property on the market. Use this filter to better target homes for door knocking, cold calling, and email campaigns.

Consumer contact information: Once Remine helps you identify consumers who will need your services, you have the option to purchase household contact information a la carte.

So are you ready to pursue real leads? Are you ready to find opportunities that can actually turn into revenue? Are you ready to Remine? You can start here in connectMLS and click on Remine in the tools section. Want some more tips before you get going? Take advantage of the training options below.


Get started with this introductory video

Register for live Remine webinars below. These one-hour sessions will give you a walkthrough of the property intelligence platform as you learn how to best utilize its many tools.

Wednesday June 6 – 11:00 AM, Click here to register

Thursday June 7 – 6:00 PM, Click here to register

Tuesday, June 12 – 2:00 PM, Click here to register

Thursday, June 14 – 1:00 PM, Click here to register

Click here and select “Remine” or “Remine Online” under “Course” to register for MRED training.
For any additional help, you can chat with Remine’s support team by clicking the blue and white button on the bottom right of the screen when using Remine. And you can always contact MRED’s help desk by calling 630-955-2755 or sending us an email.

Map with prices and one listing

MRED’s MLS System Continues to Connect With Its Customers

Newest Version of connectMLS™ Hits a Home Run

 LISLE, IL–(Marketwire – Jun 21, 2012) – Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) (, the Chicagoland multiple listing service (MLS), announced the successful implementation of the latest enhancements to its MLS system, connectMLS™.

The connectMLS™ version 4.2 MLS system is the backbone of the local real estate agent’s business. Populated with property listings encompassing the entire Chicagoland market, the MRED system provides access to invaluable information and functionality to all MRED brokers, agents and appraisers who rely on the MLS to conduct their business 24/7 — to either market their sellers’ properties or to find new homes for buyers. Even in the current market, more than $19 billion in real estate sales have been directly supported by the MRED connectMLS™ system in the last year.

MRED and its MLS system vendor, dynaConnections, are always researching ways to improve the MLS and provide even better service and functionality to MRED customers. connectMLS™ 4.2 premiered several cutting-edge features that will maintain its stature of being at the forefront of MLSs across the country.

A few of the new features include: default searches for each property type; saving and instant recall of the previous 20 searches, including a Previous Searches widget on the My MLS home page; Power (Natural Language) Searching; Bing 7 mapping enhancements down to the parcel level; and updated Driving Directions with an integrated Buyer Tour function.

“All MRED staff work tirelessly with dynaConnections to identify, design, test and implement modifications to the connectMLS™ system to increase the functionality and benefits it provides to our customers,” said MRED CEO Russ Bergeron. “We proudly provide connectMLS™, as well as a vast array of the other products and services, because we know we are a critical part of the modern real estate professional’s business. We can’t let up, because they can’t. It’s an incredibly successful partnership that can continue only if we continue to deliver on our part of the bargain.”

About MRED

Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) is the real estate data aggregator and distributor providing the Chicagoland multiple listing service (MLS) to nearly 40,000 brokers, agents and appraisers and 8,000 offices. MRED serves Chicago and the surrounding “collar” counties and provides property information encompassing northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana. For more information, visit:

About dynaConnections Corporation and connectMLS™

dynaConnections Corporation is an Austin-based software company whose flagship product, connectMLS™, is renowned for constant innovation, dedication to service, and providing a one-of-a-kind multiple listing service solution for the real estate industry. connectMLS™ boasts millisecond response time, an intuitive design and seamless access on all devices and web browsers. For over 10 years, dynaConnections and the connectMLS™ solution have been continually exceeding all standards of what the real estate industry expects from an MLS provider. For more information, visit:

AH HA Moments

By:  Jessica Ruminski, Training Department Manager

During MRED training classes we often see what we call “ah ha” moments when the students faces light up and they say “I didn’t know connectMLS™ could do that.”  We love these moments and often they happen over the simplest things.  So here are a couple “ah ha” moments that we see frequently. 

     –     Did you know in connectMLS™ you can open a second connectMLS™ page?  Just click on “New Workspace” in the upper right hand corner of your connectMLS™ screen.  You can continue working on your main connectMLS™ page while using the second to search for information, such as tax data!  

     –     Do you wish your search results displayed more than just 20 results on a page?  No problem!  Just click on the setup tab in connectMLS, then select search and report defaults.  Click on the drop-down arrow under the section titled “Number of properties displayed on a single page in 1-line summaries.”  You can select to have up to 40 properties display on your results page.  Be sure to click on save when you’re done so that your selection will be saved for the next search you do.

Start Turning Leads into Clients in ConnectMLS!

Posted By:  Stephanie Abrams, MRED Help Desk and Tech Support Manager

Are you ready to start turning leads into clients? The Lead Capture widget in ConnectMLS makes it even easier for you to capture incoming leads from your social media accounts, website, or emails using a link or URL. You can then process that lead into a contact in your ConnectMLS client database with the click of a button.   Click HERE to learn how….

Midwest Real Estate Data’s MLS System Has Believers Because it is Browser Agnostic

Did you know that MRED’s MLS system (connectMLS) is browser agnostic?  Read about it in this press release!

You Don’t Have to Spend, Spend, Spend Anymore

The days of real estate agents spending big bucks on marketing or customer management tools have come to an end. Not only is money tighter today, but you simply do not have to make those expenditures anymore, not if you are a customer of MRED.

You have access to an incredible array of products and services that, when effectively utilized, are what you need to be successful. CAVEAT – none of this works without your effort. Hard work and willingness to devote oneself to real estate is what distinguishes the most accomplished agents from those who aren’t successful.

If we all accept the notion that effort/hard work is necessary, stop spending whatever hard earned money you have on the next product that is going to “do it for you”. Take a look at what you already have available. For example, start with what is the best MLS system in the country, connectMLSTM. It has a Prospecting module you can use to stay in contact with your clients, including providing each of your buyers with their own web site to peruse listings that meet criteria you and they have agreed upon. You can also email listings directly to your buyers right out of the MLS.

I’ve described just a couple of the most basic functions that connectMLSTM provides. Your habitual use of this and other functionality that keeps you in regular, constant touch with current and prospective clients is a very effective way to nuture current business and create future opportunities. And you’re already paying for it in your MLS access fees. Why not take advantage of it?

And doesn’t it make sense that if you are going to spend money you invest it to enhance the functionality of a product or service that you already are using? This is your choice – if you effectively are taking advantage of something and can enhance what it is already accomplishing for you, that’s an investment worth making.

Watch this space for more information about how you can take full advantage of what you are already paying for. Let’s build a toolkit together of MRED products and services that will help you create the success you are capable of and responsible for. And I’m not selling you a bill of goods, here, or anything else for that matter . . .

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