REinventing MLS

You Don’t Have to Spend, Spend, Spend Anymore

The days of real estate agents spending big bucks on marketing or customer management tools have come to an end. Not only is money tighter today, but you simply do not have to make those expenditures anymore, not if you are a customer of MRED.

You have access to an incredible array of products and services that, when effectively utilized, are what you need to be successful. CAVEAT – none of this works without your effort. Hard work and willingness to devote oneself to real estate is what distinguishes the most accomplished agents from those who aren’t successful.

If we all accept the notion that effort/hard work is necessary, stop spending whatever hard earned money you have on the next product that is going to “do it for you”. Take a look at what you already have available. For example, start with what is the best MLS system in the country, connectMLSTM. It has a Prospecting module you can use to stay in contact with your clients, including providing each of your buyers with their own web site to peruse listings that meet criteria you and they have agreed upon. You can also email listings directly to your buyers right out of the MLS.

I’ve described just a couple of the most basic functions that connectMLSTM provides. Your habitual use of this and other functionality that keeps you in regular, constant touch with current and prospective clients is a very effective way to nuture current business and create future opportunities. And you’re already paying for it in your MLS access fees. Why not take advantage of it?

And doesn’t it make sense that if you are going to spend money you invest it to enhance the functionality of a product or service that you already are using? This is your choice – if you effectively are taking advantage of something and can enhance what it is already accomplishing for you, that’s an investment worth making.

Watch this space for more information about how you can take full advantage of what you are already paying for. Let’s build a toolkit together of MRED products and services that will help you create the success you are capable of and responsible for. And I’m not selling you a bill of goods, here, or anything else for that matter . . .

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