REinventing MLS

AH HA Moments

By:  Jessica Ruminski, Training Department Manager

During MRED training classes we often see what we call “ah ha” moments when the students faces light up and they say “I didn’t know connectMLS™ could do that.”  We love these moments and often they happen over the simplest things.  So here are a couple “ah ha” moments that we see frequently. 

     –     Did you know in connectMLS™ you can open a second connectMLS™ page?  Just click on “New Workspace” in the upper right hand corner of your connectMLS™ screen.  You can continue working on your main connectMLS™ page while using the second to search for information, such as tax data!  

     –     Do you wish your search results displayed more than just 20 results on a page?  No problem!  Just click on the setup tab in connectMLS, then select search and report defaults.  Click on the drop-down arrow under the section titled “Number of properties displayed on a single page in 1-line summaries.”  You can select to have up to 40 properties display on your results page.  Be sure to click on save when you’re done so that your selection will be saved for the next search you do.

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