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March Home Price Index

Important information you need to know – CoreLogic® has released its March Home Price Index (HPI®) report which shows a slight year-over-year decrease of less than one percent in home prices nationally.

Click HERE for the details and highlights of this month’s Report.

Real Estate Lead Management: Leads Start in the Nursery

Click HERE to read more about lead generation.

Real Estate Marketing: Connecting with Internet Savvy Consumers

Here is some good advice regarding real estate marketing from our friends at CoreLogic . . .

Agent Training

By:  Jessica Ruminski, Training Department Manager

MRED’s Training Department was thrilled to see so many agents and brokers taking advantage of our free classes this month for the next generation of Realist®.  However, too often we see agents only taking classes for new products or when major updates to an old product occur.  MRED would love to see our more seasoned agents taking advantage of our training classes – whether hands-on, online, in-office, or through videos – on a continuing basis. 

When an agent or broker takes MRED training classes regularly, we are not surprised to find out that they learn new tips and tricks each time.  One agent remarked in feedback, after taking our connectMLS™ Listing Entry class, “Great information! I have played around with the site and thought I knew a lot, but now know how much I do not know!”  Another agent that has been in the business over eight years took our hands-on connectMLS™ CMA class and told us, “The trainer was very knowledgeable, and I learned some cool things about the system that I didn’t know.” 

Each MRED trainer brings their own unique spin to each topic, which means you are bound to learn something you did not know before taking the class.  Don’t know where to start?  Log on to and view our hands on or online training class descriptions or call us and we will direct you to a class that will fit your needs.  So, our challenge to you is to register for one of our free classes each month this year and find out what you don’t know!

MRED Customers Thrilled With Launch of Latest Public Records Information System

We had a VERY successful launching of the next generation of our public records solution, Realist.  Read all about it in our latest press release – click HERE.


Don’t forget about the preeminent public records program in the country – Realist. Accessible through each listing in connectMLSTM, you can also perform a number of functions within Realist by accessing it from the dropdown menu when you click the Search tab on your My MLS home page (click on “Tax”, it is second from the bottom). If you feel you need to become more proficient at using Realist, please consult the training class information above, or you can also log on to, click on the Training tab, and click on Training Video. There are a number of Realist training videos to choose from!

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