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MREDpalooza – Not Your Typical Real Estate Tech Fair

Eclectic Mix of Exhibitors Offers Unique Experience

LISLE, ILLINOIS (June 4, 2013) – Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), Chicagoland’s multiple listing service (MLS), had no idea such a wide range of vendors that would be attracted to its upcoming real estate tech expo, MREDpalooza.

“We expected to get interest from major real estate players like Trulia, Zillow and – and we did” said MRED CEO Russ Bergeron.  “We are also pleased by the strong support we are getting from many different sizes and types of companies, and not just from within the real estate industry.”

One of MRED’s service partners is 10K Research & Marketing, architects of The Thing, one of the most popular products MRED delivers.  The Thing, an interactive online market analytics tool integrated into MRED’s MLS system, uses MRED data to deliver easy to understand charts, graphs and housing trends for specific market areas.  Through the power of its interactive mapping tool, The Thing allows the user to define specific market areas and neighborhoods with which a Realtor® can demonstrate their detailed knowledge of their market. 10K came on board early as a ZOINK! level sponsor of MREDpalooza.

Workforce Resource, providers of Down Payment Resource (DPR), another popular service at MRED, is also on board as a ZOINK! sponsor.  DPR matches listings in MRED’s MLS database against thousands of down payment assistance programs, assisting buyers in determining their eligibility for those programs.  DPR helps MRED customers sell listings that might otherwise have gone unsold due to a buyer’s lack of funding – identifying one or more programs for which their listings qualify.

The Chicago Real Estate Forum is dedicated to promoting Chicago real estate news and trends. Their blog promotes news of interest to consumers and industry insiders – from community grand openings, model homes, amenities and more – including news from MRED and MREDpalooza.  Chicago Real Estate Forum is a ZOINK! Sponsor.

Another ZOINK! exhibitor is Goomzee®, delivering to MRED customers a mobile text messaging and QR code marketing tool that delivers property information to buyers’ mobile devices and instantly informs the listing agent about who is making the request.  This technology takes you to the cutting edge and makes “paper flyers” obsolete., yet another ZOINK! exhibitor, have created the MRED Social IDX (MSI) application for Facebook.  With most of the world on Facebook, provides an essential service to MRED customers, combining the power of Facebook with MRED’s Internet Data Exchange (IDX) program – bringing MRED’s MLS property search to an agent’s Facebook business page.  At MREDpalooza, is offering attendees a free month of MSI plus an agent website.

“The variety and numbers of participants has proven to us that MREDpalooza is the right event at the right time,” said Bergeron.   “With thousands already registered and signed up for training sessions, MREDpalooza is going to exceed every expectation for attendees and exhibitors alike.”

About MREDpalooza

MREDpalooza is the largest free real estate tech expo in the country.  Taking place Tuesday, June 18, 2013, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, MREDpalooza will be a great opportunity for MRED’s customers to learn, at no cost,  about a myriad of real estate products and services to enhance their businesses.

MRED is planning for several thousand attendees and scores of vendors, many of whom have already committed to attending.  Training sessions and demos will be offered throughout the day, providing more in-depth understanding of many of the products and services.  Those wishing to attend or exhibit at MREDpalooza are asked to visit for free registration and sponsorship information.

About MRED

Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) is the real estate data aggregator and distributor providing the Chicagoland multiple listing service (MLS) to nearly 40,000 brokers and appraisers and 8,000 offices.  MRED serves Chicago and the surrounding “collar” counties and provides property information encompassing northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana.  MRED delivers over twenty products and services to its customers, complementing connectMLS™, the top-rated MLS system in the country per the latest WAV Group MLS Technology Survey.  For more information please visit

Hats off to Goomzee

MRED went live yesterday with Goomzee®’s Realty Connect Product.  This is a cutting edge service that allows agents to easily utilize text messaging and QR codes to get information quickly to prospective purchasers.  When a consumer sees a property in which he or she is interested, there is a code on the home’s for sale sign which is sent via a simple SMS text message.  Goomzee®’s Realty Connect responds immediately to that message by sending detailed information about that property to the potential buyers.  It also alerts the listing agent to the inquiry including contact information about that consumer.  For the tech-savvy consumer the system also supports a QR code capability that can be placed on the sign which takes potential purchasers to more information about the property.

Goomzee®’s Realty Connect has quickly caught on with MRED customers, with over 1000 of our real estate professionals logging in the first day alone!

MRED has introduced many products and services to its customers.  We would like to congratulate Goomzee® for an exceptionally smooth rollout and seamless integration with our MLS system, connectMLS™.  With every new product launch there is always apprehension about the initial rollout.  Goomzee® went live without a hitch, and Mike Sparr and Jacob Willis have lived up to every promise, provided all of the support we’ve expected and that was agreed to, and more.

Thanks, Goomzee®!  And MRED Customers – be sure to join the frenzy and find out what the excitement is about!  Help your business while you’re at it too!

Midwest Real Estate Data Announces Agreement to Go Mobile with Goomzee

Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) has announced an agreement to license Goomzee’s Realty Connect® product and revolutionize how Chicago area home-buyers and sellers access real estate listing information on their mobile phones. Goomzee’s text message marketing and lead generating QR code technology will be provided as a benefit to MRED’s nearly 40,000 customers.

Goomzee’s Realty Connect helps connect buyers and sellers using mobile technologies and will integrate with MRED’s connectMLS™ system. Agents place signs or ads regarding a property for sale that prompt potential buyers to send a text message or scan a QR (Quick Response) graphic. Within seconds the buyer receives a response containing property information, pricing and photos. At the same time, the agent is notified of the buyer’s inquiry. Automated tools then help the agent screen and cultivate those leads to establish a relationship with the buyer.

Russ Bergeron, CEO of MRED, said, “One mission of MRED is to provide our members with the best tools and information available in the industry. Providing consumers with access to real estate listing information while on-the-go has become mission critical to support our customers’ success, and Goomzee’s mobile solutions will improve our brokers and agents’ productivity, professionalism and relationships with buyers and sellers.”

“We are excited to be chosen by MRED and look forward to adding further value and efficiency to their members,” states Goomzee CEO, Mike Sparr. “By offering consumers instant access to the information they need using text messages, QR codes, and the mobile Web, agents can promote their listings to more potential buyers, cement their position as the trusted source of local real estate information, and close more transactions.”

About MRED

Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) is a real estate data aggregator and distributor that provides the largest multiple listing service (by listing volume) to nearly 40,000 customers, with property information encompassing northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana.

About Goomzee

Goomzee provides mobile technology tools that allow real estate agents to deliver property information to a buyer’s cell phone while they are standing at the property or on the go and helps convert more leads into sales. With the company’s industry-leading product suite, Realty Connect, Text Message and QR Code marketing, and Mobile Property Pages, are automatically generated and reusable. To learn more, visit us online at or contact us toll free at (877) 324-1796.

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