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Hats off to Goomzee

MRED went live yesterday with Goomzee®’s Realty Connect Product.  This is a cutting edge service that allows agents to easily utilize text messaging and QR codes to get information quickly to prospective purchasers.  When a consumer sees a property in which he or she is interested, there is a code on the home’s for sale sign which is sent via a simple SMS text message.  Goomzee®’s Realty Connect responds immediately to that message by sending detailed information about that property to the potential buyers.  It also alerts the listing agent to the inquiry including contact information about that consumer.  For the tech-savvy consumer the system also supports a QR code capability that can be placed on the sign which takes potential purchasers to more information about the property.

Goomzee®’s Realty Connect has quickly caught on with MRED customers, with over 1000 of our real estate professionals logging in the first day alone!

MRED has introduced many products and services to its customers.  We would like to congratulate Goomzee® for an exceptionally smooth rollout and seamless integration with our MLS system, connectMLS™.  With every new product launch there is always apprehension about the initial rollout.  Goomzee® went live without a hitch, and Mike Sparr and Jacob Willis have lived up to every promise, provided all of the support we’ve expected and that was agreed to, and more.

Thanks, Goomzee®!  And MRED Customers – be sure to join the frenzy and find out what the excitement is about!  Help your business while you’re at it too!

One response to “Hats off to Goomzee

  1. Mike Sparr - July 14, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    Wow. Thank you for the flattering post and also great support along the way. Without partners like MRED and their staff, we could never achieve such an enthusiastic kick off in the Chicago area. We look forward to helping more Chicago area REALTORs sell more homes and satisfy the needs of today’s buyers.

    – Mike Sparr, CEO & Founder

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