REinventing MLS


By Jeff Lasky, MRED Director of Communications and Training

The headlines are all over now.  As housing inventory is shrinking because of the great real estate market of the last few months, housing affordability is threatened.


As an industry, I don’t think we can be more negative about things than we are.  Anytime anything happens, trust that the spin will quickly be negative.

     – Many homes are for sale?  Well, that’s because no one is buying.
     – Low interest rates?  Well, nobody has a down payment.
     – Lots of homes are selling?  Well, that means less homes are now available and those properties are less affordable.

You can think of a lot more examples, because you are in the real estate industry and we’re all really good at picking the bad out of the good.

Can we just stop?  Can we just take the marketplace as is it, use our considerable skills and knowledge, and just service the heck out of our customers and make money?

The really successful in this industry (and everywhere else) do just that.  The not so successful?  Too busy picking the bad out of the good.

One last thing: “housing affordability is threatened” is another way of saying “prices are going up”.  You mean equity is being restored to properties?  Is there a chance that consumers might actually rise up from being underwater?

Gosh, I can’t stand all of this bad news . . .

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