REinventing MLS

Millennials are 37% of the market and growing!* Target millennial buyers by providing special finance options on listings they view!

Content from RatePlug

Interest rates are moving mortgage payments up. Young buyers need creative, low down payment options to buy their dream home. RatePlug automatically provides eligibility information based on the property they are viewing.

Agents that focus their efforts on providing resources for millennial buyers will see dividends in their sales efforts in 2022. RatePlug, a tool that is built into connectMLS, promotes special finance options from the Agent’s trusted lending sources directly within MLS-generated property listings. Low down payment options are ideal for millennials who might make good earnings but lack the typical 20% down payments required in more conventional lending products. Opt in to RatePlug today at NO ADDITIONAL COST to start working with more millennial buyers!

  • Only displays your own trusted lending sources.
  • NO Additional Cost for MRED subscribers to join.
  • Interactive, real-time mortgage information. Gets your    buyers asking questions now to avoid snags later.
  • Includes special financing options for your listings (FHA,  VA, USDA, CRA, etc.), market to a bigger pool of buyers.
  • Virtual Flyers can be emailed, texted, or posted on social media.

Click here to learn more or to enroll.  RatePlug is a FREE feature of your connectMLS subscription!

*American Community and American Housing survey.

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