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Elm Street Mastermind Series: Blockchain and its impact on real estate 2.0

Elm Street Academy recently had the opportunity to bring together top thought leaders across the real estate sector to share their viewpoints on ‘Blockchain and Its Impact on Real Estate.’ Due to popular demand, we are taking the conversation to the NEXT LEVEL! Blockchain, crypto, NFT, Metaverse, bitcoin, DeFi, Web3…they may sound like buzzwords, but there is a reason why they are getting so much attention.

In this thought-provoking, 1-hour webinar, Matt Fagioli , Moderator (Operating Partner, BKG™ – Brokerage Atlanta) will be joined by Teresa Grobecker (CEO, Real Estate Consortia ), Chris Tamm (CEO, Ownership Financial and Managing Partner, Cast Services), Sam DeBord (CEO, Real Estate Standards Organization), and Mark Thomas (Co-Founder & CEO, Zen Sports) to discuss digital transactions
in real estate.

This dynamic panel will bring a diverse set of perspectives, offering insight not only into the current impact that blockchain technology is making on the industry, but how to be prepared for what’s to come next.

Friday, April 29th – 2pm ET / 11am PT

Click here to register!

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