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Feature Spotlight: How to Clone Drafts of Listings

What is the connectMLS clone drafts feature? 

This is an update in connectMLS that helps you save time while creating new listings by auto-populating fields using information you inputted in previous listings as well as drafts of listings. Here’s how it looks on the first page of “Add New Listing”: 

When can you use the clone listings feature? 

You can select the clone listings option when you have already inputted data for a specific address and saved it as a draft or previously had the same property listed on the MLS. 

Why would you use the clone listing feature? 

If you’ve ever created a listing and then had to start over because you used the wrong listing or property type, this feature is for you. You can also use it whenever you’re creating a new listing for any address that has been previously listed on the MLS. If you’re listing several apartment units in separate listings, you can also use this feature to auto-populate the information you already typed in for previous apartment units! 

The feature fills all the fields you previously completed for a specific property, regardless of the listing or property type you initially selected. When you create a new listing, you can select the correct property and listing type, then select “Auto-populate from MLS data (clone)” to bring in all the fields you already filled out. 

Head over to connectMLS to try it out for yourself!

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