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connectMLS Private listing and client portal updates: you asked; MRED listened!

Private listings are now a more seamless part of your daily workflow. MRED rolled out several updates to Private listings to enhance how you can handle private listings in the MLS. 

Here’s what’s new:

Easily share private listings with your clients through connectMLS.

  • MRED subscribers will no longer have to manually screenshot, PDF and then email private listings to share with clients. Private listings designated as shareable will be able to be sent to clients directly through connectMLS.

Use added private listing statuses, including active and contingent.

  • This update will create better transparency regarding where a listing is in the transaction process.

Search all listings at once, including private listings.

  • You’ll save time searching by being able to browse private listings in the same searches as all other active listings.

The connectMLS client portal also got an exciting makeover

Clients will be able to search for listings in their connectMLS portal.

  • Your clients will be able to browse listings and save searches in their connectMLS client portal.

MRED has streamlined communication features.

  • You’ll be able to see your clients’ saved searches and activity right on your MLS home page.

User and mobile-friendly client portal.

  • Presentation is everything! The connectMLS client portal is getting a facelift to make it more modern in appearance and easier to navigate.

Here’s how to opt-in to the new client portal:

  1. Go to your initials/photo at the top-right of connectMLS
  2. Click “Client portal defaults” under “My defaults”
  3. Click “Portal Type (“Modern” vs. “Modern 2.0”)
  4. Select “Modern 2.0”


2 responses to “connectMLS Private listing and client portal updates: you asked; MRED listened!

  1. Mark Pawlak March 23, 2021 at 8:31 am

    OMG! This is going to be amazing! The anticipation of this rolling is killing me. Thank you

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