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MRED Makes Scents

MLS Giant’s Newest Innovation Smells Like Money


LISLE, ILLINOIS (April 1, 2014) – Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), Chicagoland’s multiple listing service, announced today that it has added a revolutionary new “Scent” field to all MRED property listings. The “Scent” field allows MRED agents to indicate the aromatic smell that prospective clients can anticipate when visiting their property.

“This breaks the olfactory barrier in technology for the MRED listing agent” said MRED President and CEO Russ Bergeron. “We now have an MLS system that allows the user to search by a human sense that has been previously underutilized, at least in a positive way.”

MRED agents will be able to select from a drop-down list that includes:

–       Fresh Baked Bread

–       Chocolate Chip Cookies

–       Apple Pie

–       Popcorn

–       Cinnabon®

–       Everyone’s favorite . . . Bacon!

“I can literally lead clients around by the nose,” said Joe Broker of Naperville. “It’s fun and exciting. I just let them know that today we are going to only see homes that smell like Bacon. They react with great surprise but seem to love it. The only downside so far is that my group gets really hungry on these tours so we have to schedule multiple restaurant stops throughout the day.”

MRED has worked with Febreze® to develop these pleasing scents, which the listing agent or homeowner can apply in just minutes. “After a trial run we hope to take this product to the general public, which we feel will be a great money-maker for MRED,” added Bergeron.

If this innovation doesn’t stink, MRED plans similar enhancements every April 1st.

About MRED

Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) is the real estate data aggregator and distributor providing the Chicagoland multiple listing service (MLS) to nearly 40,000 brokers and appraisers and 8,000 offices. MRED serves Chicago and the surrounding “collar” counties and provides property information encompassing northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana. MRED delivers over twenty products and services to its customers, complementing connectMLS™, the top-rated MLS system in the country for two years running according to the WAV Group MLS Technology Survey. MRED is the 2013 Inman News Most Innovative MLS/Real Estate Trade Association. For more information please visit

2 responses to “MRED Makes Scents

  1. Sara J. McMurray April 1, 2014 at 10:21 am

    whoa – so glad it’s April 1st – when I realized that I stopped saying What? What? What? lol GOT ME!

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