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Chicago Suburb Ranks in Nation’s Top Five Wealthiest Neighborhoods

Wealthy Chicago neighborhoodsIf you’re looking for the nation’s wealthiest neighborhoods, you won’t have to search too hard. Kenilworth, Ill. was recently named by Forbes as the fourth wealthiest neighborhood in the country behind two New York enclaves and a Washington DC hotspot. With a median income of $242,188 and an average home sale price of $1 million, the community holds its position as the wealthiest and most exclusive community in the Midwest.

Kenilworth dates back to 1889, when founder Joseph Sears purchased the land for the neighborhood and developed it as a planned community with specific ideas about how a community should be. This included components related to underground utilities, street design, no alleys or fences and high standards for construction. The community grew under the planning and direction of noted architect and town planner George W Maher, who designed 37 homes as well as a number of parks and common grounds in the popular style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Today, the community continues to flourish and provide high quality homes of a distinctive style, including a number of homes for sale on that stretch into the multimillions with superior school support in both public and private opportunities.

Learn more about this city and its rich history at the Village of Kenilworth website.

Article via Chicago Real Estate Forum

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