REinventing MLS

Are You Doing Business or Just Staying Busy?

Real estate professionals – we are in a world where everyone is busy, busy, busy . . .

Talking on the phone is the least of it. Texting, social network posting, blogging – we’re all just communicating like it’s going out of style. If we’re not communicating, we’re surfing the Internet, looking at websites, and being cutting edge, i.e. staying on top of as much information as we can possibly absorb. When we’re not communicating or surfing, we’re attending – conferences, meetings, conventions, etc.

I have some questions about this – what are you doing to get a listing? What are you doing to sell the listings you have? What are you doing to find a buyer, or find a home for buyers you are already working with?

What are you doing to make money?

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that a big part of building your business is creating relationships, staying on top of what’s happening in your community, training and education, and other things mentioned above. This is not a post about avoiding any of those things. It is a reminder that all of those things are supposed to ultimately lead you to acquire buyers and sellers and do real estate deals. And, while you get satisfaction from all sorts of things in real estate transactions, you also get something else – paid.

Don’t be too busy to get yourself paid.

But how do you keep up with all the ways information is made available to us today? We’re on overload! Simple answer – you can’t. So you do the best you can, and make sure you fit in those activities which keep you as the expert in your neck of the woods and keep you trained up on everything you need to know. You may have to drop some other stuff which feels important and is a part of your real estate business, but really doesn’t make you any money or improve your ability to make money in the future.

OK – got to go. Busy, busy, busy helping to REinvent MLS . . .

2 responses to “Are You Doing Business or Just Staying Busy?

  1. Doug Wirebaugh June 10, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Right on…Straight out of the book of Brian Buffini.

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