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Total active listings approach 50,000

MRED’s marketplace saw less than a half percent increase in total active listings last week. But that bump was enough to set an eight-month high in active listing with 49,226. This trend continues even as new listings have been down on a year-over-year basis for more than five months.

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4 Tips to Find Buyer and Listing Leads in Remine Pro

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We are over halfway through 2022, and if you are looking for ways to optimize the rest of the year, look no further than Remine. With targeted filters that help you keep leads in your pipeline, elevating your prospecting workflow is made simple with our proven tips built for agents like you.

As a Remine Pro subscriber, you can start enhancing your toolkit by using these no-cost tools available through your MLS membership today!

Tips To Find Buyer Leads

Engage renters with the Absentee filter.

When selecting an area you wish to target, Remine allows you to access public record data through various search filters. One commonly used filter to engage renters is the Absentee filter. Remine helps you pinpoint when a property is not owner-occupied, and chances are the property is being used as a rental. Targeting the current residents of these properties increases your probability of gaining potential buyers.

Absentee Filter

Be an area expert and farm your neighborhood.

Being an expert takes time but getting started is as easy as committing to specific neighborhoods and consistently building your knowledge of the area and types of properties within it. When focusing on farming for buyer leads in Remine, you can narrow your search by selecting a zip code, a specific neighborhood, a building type, or by pinpointing your desired area on the map.

Pro Marketing Tip: Utilize the Carts feature to send mailers to renters you have identified through this workflow. By adding the selected properties to your Cart and exporting it, you can create a custom campaign for these potential buyers. For more information, sign up to attend the upcoming webinar here.

Tips To Find Listing Leads

Prospect Smarter by using ownership time and mortgage filters.

Make the most of your neighborhood knowledge and prospect smarter in areas where you can infer that an owner might be looking to sell. Whether it be due to criteria like the square footage coupled with ownership time criteria, or the age of their mortgage, Remine offers filters to narrow down your search.

When utilizing the Ownership Time filter, Remine will pull from public record data to show properties on the selected area of the map by the length of time the current owner has owned the property. This tool is beneficial when looking for potential new clients interested in listing their property.

Ownership Time Filter

Remine also offers two filters associated with a mortgage: the Mortgage Age and Mortgage Rate filters. The Mortgage Age filter separates properties by the current interest rate of the active mortgage associated with the property; then, the Mortgage Rate filter narrows down listings further by gathering the current interest rate of the active mortgage associated with the property.

All three filters help equip agents with up-to-date and detailed knowledge that can be leveraged for outreach or targeted marketing efforts.

Mortgage Age Filter

Mortgage Rate Filter

Hone your seller search by using the Off-Market filter.

After defining an area you are interested in targeting, you can hone your search by filtering out properties that are not currently on the market or recently closed with the Off-Market filter. The Off-Market filter combined with the Ownership Time and Sell Score filters can help predict how likely a property is to list within the next 6 to 12 months. The Sell Score is based upon several data points, including allowing you better target a potential listing lead with the Off-Market filter. The Off-Market filter, combined with the Ownership Time and Sell Score filter, can help predict how likely a property is to list within the next 6 to 12 months. The Sell Score is based upon several data points, including market trends, public record, and census data, allowing you to target potential listings more effectively.

Off-Market Filter

To walk through these workflows with the Remine team and dive deeper into how to identify buyer leads and prospect for new listings, sign up to join the webinar here.

Multiple MRED marketplace metrics register declines

Closed listings and listings under contract both saw significant weekly and annual declines across MRED’s residential marketplace. July’s first full week also brought a four-month low in closed listings and a six-month floor for contracts.

  • Closed listings last week: 3,805
  • Closed listings this week: 1,877
  • Closed listings during same span last year: 2,868

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MRED market residential sales price increases

The median residential sales price in MRED’s marketplace rebounded after a week of decline. This week’s total was a 2% weekly bump and an 8% annual increase, resulting in the third-largest single-week total of the year.

  • Median sales price last week: $312,500
  • Median sales price this week: $320,000
  • Median sales price during same span last year: $295,000

See more in our Weekly Market Snapshot.

Open house totals reach nine-month high

MRED’s residential marketplace saw 3,406 showings last week. That total was a 38% week-over-week increase and the most showings in a single week since September.

See all the stats in MRED’s Weekly Market Snapshot.

Closed listings at third-highest point of 2022

More than 3,100 residential listings closed in MRED’s marketplace during the last week. That’s a 26% drop compared to the same period in 2021, but a 15% week-over-week increase. Only two other weeks this year have seen more closed listings.

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