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Coffee & Bagel or Financial Freedom? [Infographic]


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How Is Your City Saving Energy?

A new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ranks America’s 34 largest cities on what they are doing to save energy and costs in five key areas. Click on the map to see how cities scored.

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Interactive Median Home Price Map

What’s Your Market’s Median Home Price?

Check out this Realtor Mag interactive map to find out your market’s median home price

Experts Comment on the Housing Market

Rick Judson, chairman of NAHB

Responding to the report that over 80% of housing markets are improving:

“While there is still plenty of room for growth, this is an excellent indication of how the housing recovery has begun to take hold across more geographical areas.”

Tim Sloan, Wells Fargo Chief Financial Officer

When you look at any sort of statistics in the demographics in terms of household creation as well as household affordability, they are still very attractive and should drive a continued recovery in the housing business.”

Dr. Alex Villacorta, VP of research and analytics at Clear Capital

With the continued strengthening of home price trends in August, the need for perspective on market activity is even more important…Considering the low tier price segment of the housing market led the recovery, the cooling in this segment will likely transfer through to the broader housing market. That’s not to say the recovery is slated to stall, rather growth patterns are likely to return to more historical rates of growth, between 4.0 percent to 5.0 percent, rather than align with bubble-like growth… At the end of the day, this is still great news for housing.”

Bradley F. Hunter, the chief economist at MetroStudy

“We have gone from a situation where five years ago everyone was saying, ‘There are too many lots,’ to today, builders are literally crying on our shoulder saying, ‘There are not enough lots. We can’t find any.”

Jay Brinkmann, Mortgage Bankers Association chief economist

“The recovery we’ve seen has been related to the fact that the economy is creating jobs at a steady rate and those jobs do translate into paychecks, some of those paychecks go to pay rentals and others go toward mortgages.”

Article via KCM Blog

Housing Data: Past & Future [Infographic]

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent [Infographic]